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Case Studies

Sam's case: this link has been offered to demonstrate the impact of the Hostile Environment, with permission to use, in order to raise awareness showing exactly the impacts of the Windrush Trauma Scandal, showcasing in Sam's words how this as impacted on him, his life, livelihood, relationship and his children.

TAP Project Presents Sam's story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFg72Q_JGNY  1 Apr 2022   

This is the 3rd short story in a mini series. If you know anyone who may have experienced anything similar to Sam then please get in touch with us to assist in signposting them to the relevent support in putting in a compensation claim.

Sam's sister explains more: I have been supporting my brother with financial support due to his health he cannot work. His physical health impacted usually my brother used to coach football, I can hardly recognise him. 

Now it’s about time his case is aired - to get the rightful solution needed to give him some of his life back. I want my brother to be here for the next 30 years at least, but it seems his declining health will assist to his death, if the Home Office doesn’t act first. To see him today shows the negative impact that this scandal has caused. 

I am working and campaigning to raise awareness about the Windrush Trauma Scandal - this title ties in with the sessions we have been working through recently, and it is relatable to other victims who carry the longevity of trauma in all it’s forms. 

Thanks to the TAP Project https://tapproject.co.uk/windrush/




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